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Respect The Reef

Reefs contain the most diverse ecosystems on the planet while protecting coastlines from waves, providing habitats and shelter for marine life, and more. We donate 10% of all sales to ocean-related causes.

Want to Partner? We are seeking long-term beneficiaries of the Respect the Reef brand. If you work with an organization doing great things on behalf of the ocean, we want to talk to you!

Respect Our Reefs | Apparel with a Cause

Cause We Are Giving to Now: Inland Ocean Coalition Why: Protecting the ocean from the Mile High, this organization’s vision is to support improving the impacts and relationships between the inland, the coastal, and the ocean.

Why Reefs: Ocean reefs are vital to the survival of so many plant and animal life and impact humans in countless ways. More than 500 million people are affected either directly or indirectly by the coral reefs.